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sexta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2014

Finalmente a Imprensa Internacional Fala sobre a Venezuela: Washington Post Detona a Canalha Brasileira

Parece que o silêncio sobre a implosão da ditadura comunista da Venezuela imposto pelos jornalistas de esquerda que infestam, dominam e manipulam as redações da mídia internacional está chegando ao fim. O Washington Post, por exemplo, bota os pingos nos iis. Acusa o governo Maduro da violência, revela que os Cubanos comandam as milícias e dá um tabefe bem merecido na cara do governo brasileiro pelo seu apoio irrestrito ao regime:
 Mr. Maduro and government media are trying to portray Mr. Lopez as an extremist, calling him “the face of facism” and alleging he was plotting a coup. In fact, the 42-year-old former mayor is a left-leaning, Harvard-educated moderate who has proven over a decade that he is committed to peaceful and democratic change.Government officials concede that Mr. Lopez was not present when shots were fired last Wednesday following a protest march. Videos and photographs compiled by Ultimas Noticias, a newspaper usually supportive of the government, showed the gunfire came from “individuals identified with uniforms, plates and vehicles of the [state] Intelligence Service accompanied by others dressed as civilians.”As long ago became clear, the extremists in Venezuela are not the opposition leaders or students, but Mr. Maduro and his regime. As the economic crisis they created worsens, they are strangling what remain of free media and the private sector by denying them hard currency needed for imports, including newsprint. They are attempting to terrorize a burgeoning, student-led protest movement into standing down. Scores of activists have been arrested in the last week and some have allegedly been tortured. The foreign meddlers are not at the U.S. Embassy but from Cuba, which has hundreds of operatives across the government helping to direct the repression.Venezuela’s unraveling should be a frightening sight to neighbors such as Brazil, which has stubbornly supported Mr. Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez even as they wrecked what was once Latin America’s richest country.
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